yokai ningan bem opening
hi guys, this is my first time posting. I felt that it was time I actually contributed to this community, So if any of you guys are interested, I found the opening to Kame's new drama on youtube. here is the link. hope you guys are as excited as I am to watch this. 


P/S this is not mine. all credits to the uploader on youtube. 

I am feeling so down right now, I have not been accepted into as a member of an LJ. I can't post much because I am quiet busy with my studies and all I want to do is to see my Johnny boys. so sad :( i Think i am gonna cry a little now. sayonara :(

jpop merchandise
 I WANNA BUY JPOP MERCHANDISES!!!!!!!  it's so frustating. I wanna help support my beloved boys, but its so hard to find them. Especially since everything needs to be handled with paypal. grrrr. I don't have a paypal account. and if i do make one its going to be very expensivr T.T . so sad, I can only watch them from afar. huhuhu 


my first love <3
 Okay, well today im gonnna tell you about my favourite japanese band....which is obviously, KAT-TUN. this is their latest album no more pain.. from the left is taguchi (the cutest), kame (the hottest), ueda (the girliest maybe.. haha), koki (most macho), nakamaru (funniest). jin left them.. huh! 
i really LOVE this group.. hontoni daisuki!! well, actually i never had interest with japanese bands.. but i like them, they're unique.. all of their songs a great.. it all started with this drama Yamato Nandeshiko Shichi Henge..
love this drama
when i first started watching this drama the first person i noticed was kame.. not because of his hotness, coz u see i actually thought that he was rather ugly-looking.. but with time i thought him of rather charming.. *sigh.. haha.. and i love the soundtrack for this drama, love yourself.. and jeng3.. turned out it was KAT-TUN who sang the ost.. starting from then.. i fell head over heels  with them.. thats how KAT-TUN  and i met.. =)

and guess who's my favourite.... 

kame of course... hehe

my journal is especially about them.. and maybe some other little unimportant things.. :P

 okay.. todays like the first day i am using livejournal.. i am sooo not goo at this.. haha.. i guess my LJ needs a little bit refurbishing after this.. so guys out there.. help me out.. haha XD.. it sucks.. im trying to download some of kat-tun vids but the connection here is likehaha..


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